Domain Management Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to register a domain name?
Complete information about the domain names available for purchase at Interactive Villages as well as their pricing and rules can be found at

What is your Domain Name Server (DNS) information?
Use the nameservers of and

I am registering a new domain name. Who is the registrar?
We partner with OpenSRS to register domain names.

Can I change my domain name Registrar to Interactive Villages?
Yes, we have help you switch your domain name registration to Interactive Villages. Please open a helpdesk ticket with us at

Do I own the domain name?
Yes, you are the owner of the domain name. If you move your domain name to another web host, you are still obligated to pay Interactive Villagesthe annual domain name fee.

Is my domain registration information public?
Yes, the contact and registrant information is public record in the universally available Whois database. This is something over which we have no control, and a domain name cannot be registered without all the required fields of contact information being complete.

How do I manage my OpenSRS domain information?
Customers who purchased their domain name from Interactive Villages can manage domain ownership information in the account control panel at

I now host my web site with a new company. How do I manage the domain name I purchased?
Customers who originally purchased their domain name through Interactive Villagesbut have since moved to another hosting company can change their DNS server information and domain ownership information by logging into their account at and selecting the My Domains option.

Can Interactive Villages host a non-U.S. domain name?
Yes. However, you are responsible for registering the domain in the country you wish. We can only register .com .org .info .tv .net .biz domain names. Click here for links to every country's domain registration authority.


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