What is the process for transferring my domain to Interactive Villages?

Once you apply for a domain transfer at http://www.interactivevillages.com/domains/, an Approval Request will be generated to request that the owner of the domain approve the transfer. The status of the domain transfer is then placed into  "Pending Owner Approval" status until the Domain Owner approves the transfer request by responding to the Approval Request email sent to him/her. The domain owner is the person listed as the Owner contact on the current domain registration, and the email listed on this area is the one which our system will use to send the Approval Request.

Once approved, the transfer request will be sent to your current registrar for transfer. As long as there is no lock on the domain and it is currently in good, paid standing, your current registrar should approve the transfer within 7-10 days. We suggest that you review your current registrar's policies for outbound transfer approvals and times. 

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