SEO Consulting Services From Interactive Villages

Search engines are the primary way most people find web sites with content or products in which they are interested. Interactive Villages's Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consulting services are designed to help your company get the most from your online presence and the investment you have made to provide your products or services on the World Wide Web. Our team of SEM specialists have the knowledge and experience needed to get your site ranked high in the major search engine results for those keywords that your potential customers are searching every day and hour on the web.

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Our specialists can help you tailor your page copy to be "search engine friendly". We analyze site statistics, have a thorough knowledge of spider-friendly HTML, and have considerable experience with SEO in multiple industries. The search engine industry is in its infancy and evolving as you read this, so we are always researching the latest techniques and shifts in technology with each service. Contact us for a free initial consultation to determine if our Search Engine Marketing services will benefit your company's ROI on its website investment.

PPC Campaign Management

Currently Interactive Villages provides setup and management for both Google Adwords and Overture. Both of these PPC services provides advertising of your PPC ads on search engine results for Google, MSN, AOL and many, many other search engines. Below is an outline of the associated costs and services included.


PPC Campaign setup starts at $250 per campaign, but can vary depending on number of required keywords, keyword research requirements and construction time.

Included Services:

Thorough keyword research (Using our clients knowledge of his/her business and our experience and tools; We identify as many potentially profitable target keywords as possible)
Developing effective advertising copy (Each adgroup is setup with ad copy that best targets the keywords in that adgroup)
Setting up your PPC account with the provider.
Determining an appropriate budget based on averages in your industry and your budget allotments.

PPC Campaign Management Fee

Interactive Villages charges $90 per hour for PPC Campaign management. We usually recommend a monthly package of 2-3 hours per month and provide this at a lower per-hour rate. Please contact us for more information.

Monthly Management includes:
  •  Monitoring of your PPC campaign for impression and click through effectiveness.
  • Adjust your keywords and ad copy to maintain effectiveness.
  • Teach you how to access your campaign reports on Google
  • Provide SEM consulting services as required.
 These costs DO NOT include:
  • Campaign activation fees
  • The actual "click" charges. PPC provider will bill these directly to the account owner via credit card payment.

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